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About us

Something Behind The Curtain

·         A group of Youth Media Persons from different local media discuss on their concepts and passion about radio !

·         So, why not a Radio, lead by youth, by themselves ?

·         They found it a Really Challenging and Enjoyable, Enjoyable and Responsible, Responsible and Change Making, Change Making and Peace !

·         There are already more than 3 stations ON-AIR, but 1 or 3 or else!!! It is just the Quantity not the QUALITY!!!

·         For QUALITY, with the aim to Apex, Success, Business, Free Press, The RRDC is established in 2068 !

·         Then Radio Mugu 107.4 MHz run by RRDC goes ON-AIR in 2068 Ashar !


·         To become the best and unique entertainer and a credible media for quality information.


·         To provide credible and quality news and entertainment

·         To promote Nepali music

·         To give the ultimate platform for the talents (i.e. Music, Literature or any creative and innovative idea)

·         To provide the best medium for advertisers

·         To institutionalize the Entertainment Journalism in Radio


·         Communication for the positive change towards Dutiful Freedom, Peace and Development.

Target Market

·         City (Mugu, Humla, Dolpa, Kalikot, Jumla)

·         Villages (VDCs and villages of more than a dozen districts)

·         Peasants, Minorities (Specified Schedule)


·         100 Watt

·         4 Bay Antennas (First time in Mugu)

·         Experienced and capable Program Producers and Newsmakers (most of the promoters are Radio Professionals, they have more than 7 years experience in the media field)

·         Every program targets the specified group of listeners, which is the best medium for advertisers to go into

Daily Direct Listeners’ Participation

·         (Call-ins, SMS, Letter, Email, Chat rooms)

Target Coverage

·         State Six

Coverage Area

·         Fully (Mugu, Humla, Dolpa, Jumla)

·         Partially (Kalikot ETC)

Program Types

·         News Bulletins (Informative)

·         Interviews (Interactive)

·         Radio Drama (Educative, Persuasive)

·         Reality Shows (Competitions)

·         Musical (Full Entertainment)

·         Live Shows (Indoor, Outdoor)

·         Mixed (info-mercial, Info-tainment, Info-edu-tainment) etc


·         18 Hrs (05.00am to 11.00pm night)

Station Identity




प्रमुख समाचार